General maintenence

We carry out all forms of garden work and maintenance. No matter what issue you are having, we can help you. Some of the most common tasks are;

  • Installing automatic irrigation
  • Planting
  • Pest and disease control
  • Feed for plants and lawns
  • Tidying of borders
  • Pruning



A lawn can be very time consuming to keep in a good and healthy state. Furthermore it can be challenging to ensure it will always get the correct amount of water, and correct mix of fertilizer. We can provide a full, all year round service, a season based service, or simply a one off treatment.

Lawn treatment

Let us handle the wellbeing of your lawn, and ensure you don’t end up with dry spots, a lawn full of weeds, or a yellow lawn. The climate on Costa del Sol can be very demanding, and the quality and fertility of the ground can vary a lot from place to place. We are experts in assuring your lawn will stay lush and green.

Lawn cutting

Lawn cutting can be a tedious task, and not everyone has the time to do it on a weekly basis. The wellbeing of a lawn is improved if it’s cut in the right time intervals, as it will strengthen the grass, and weaken the weed. We can help you asses the the need of lawn cutting, and decide what would be the perfect interval for your garden. Another benefit from using our service on this area is that you don’t have to spend many money on buying lawn movers and other equipment.


Palm trees

Palm trees look beautiful when cared for. In general a very sturdy tree, but it is not uncommon to see dead trees, either because of illness, but more often because of faulty cutting or cleaning.

Palm cutting

Palm cutting is the function of cutting of old leafs, leaving a nice and clean trunk. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, it doesn’t happen automatically. We have the tools to do the work, even on very high palm trees. Normally it’s necessary to do it once a year.

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