Pool service and cleaning
Having a pool or jacuzzi needs constant care to make sure it’s ready for use all year round. Depending on the season, different level of chemicals needs to be added, and different tests need to be done. Some pool owners handle this by themselves, but many leave it to us and find it a relief not to have to worry about it again.

Pool Service
Our pool service covers everything that needs to be done to ensure your pool always is fresh and clean. We will come by twice per week from May to October, and once per week in winter, to test the water quality, the ph-value, and the amount of chloride, and a vacuum of the pool. We do a visual check of the filter and pump to ensure that the mechanics are all working as they should be.

Pool Cleaning
If a pool has been without care for a longer period of time, it can be necessary to have a general clean of filters, or maybe a complete refill of water. Done correctly the pool can be ready for use within a couple of days when the chemical levels have stabilized itself.